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(Certified and Official)

Obtaining RJSC certified documents and extracts is now easier than ever

Company Documents and Extracts (Certified & Official Copy)

We offer a cost-effective services providing up-to-date certified and official company documents and extracts from the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms, enabling you to verify the ...

Historic Company Documents and Extracts (Certified & Official Copy)

Access official & certified company documents and extracts of a company (historic), for ensuring quick verification of its legitimacy and providing essential details to support infor ...


Unlock financial clarity with us: Your gateway to all company financial statements ensuring you have the critical information to stay ahead in the business landscape


Get your necessary documents easily by downloading them with just a tap

Documentation Services

We provide a comprehensive suite of Corporate documentation Services tailored to your needs. Our offerings span documentation related to Company Formation, Conversion Advisory, Amendments to the ...

Company Secretarial Documentation

Gain instant access to a diverse array of COMPANY SECRETARIAL DOCUMENTS, including resolutions— board resolution, special resolution, ordinary resolution, notices, agendas, and notes. Download ...

Capital Market Related Documentation

Capital market-related advisory services play a crucial role in guiding investors and businesses through the complexities of financial markets. These advisory services provide strategic insights and recommendations ...


Streamline your business with our tailored and efficient Outsourcing/BPO service

Company Meeting & Compliance Management

Choose us to handle your Company Meeting & Compliance Management. Explore our three available packages tailored to meet your specific needs. Let us take care of compliance and management for your company.

Entity Formation, Registration and Operation

Explore our comprehensive services covering Entity Formation, Registration, and Operational Facilitation. We specialize in Entity Registration, obtaining permissions for Bran...

Tax Management and Compliance Services

Enhance your tax returns with our proficient Individual Tax Return preparation and filing services. Our dedicated team ensures precision, compliance, and personalized attention, delivering a seamless and stress-free experience for individuals...

HR And Payroll Management

Streamline essential functions within an organization, ensuring efficient and accurate handling of human resources and payroll processes. These services encompass tasks such as employee onboarding, attenda...

Missed Compliance

Streamline essential functions within an organization, ensuring efficient and accurate handling of human resources and payroll processes. These services encompass tasks such as employee onboarding, attendance tracking, benefits a...


Expert consultancy services, offering strategic insights for sustainable growth

License and Approval

All-inclusive services including documentation required for mandatory and relevant registrations, permits, licenses, and certifications.

Audit & Reporting

Achieve financial transparency and compliance with our specialized Auditing & Reporting services, covering Sustainability, ESG, HIGG Reporting, Energy Audits, and Secretarial Audits for Fraud Detection, Corporate Governance, Compliance, and...

Due Diligence Services

Conduct thorough due diligence to confirm the factual details and assess the financial health, legal standing, risks, and operational aspects of the business or factory

Search/Status Reports

Search or status report typically provides a comprehensive overview of the current state or progress of a particular project, task, or inquiry. These reports serve as valuable tools for stakeholders, managers, or team members to assess the status...

External Assurance Services

CompanyDataBD offers External Assurance Services, providing an independent and thorough examination of your company's financial information, operations, or processes. Our expert assurance team ensures the rel...

Borrowing Money From Foreign Institution

Empower your business with our specialized service for local companies seeking to meet capital needs by borrowing money from foreign institutions. We streamline the process, facilitating efficient access to int...


Advisory services, providing strategic guidance tailored to your business goals

Labour & Employment Related Advisory

We specialize in crafting tailor-made Employment Contracts for your senior employees, meticulously aligning with industry regulations and optimizing benefits both for employers and employees. A P..

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

We specialize in facilitating M&A transactions, leveraging our expertise in negotiation, due diligence, and deal structuring to ensure successful outcomes for both buyers and sellers.

Post-Acquisition Integration

Plan for the integration of the acquired business or factory. Develop strategies for combining processes, teams, and systems for a seamless transition

Independent Director Providing Services

Ensure transparency and trust in your Annual General Meetings with our Independent Scrutinizer Services. Our expert team meticulously oversees and validates voting processes, pro...

Trade Facilitation / Business Networking

nlock growth possibilities and forge valuable connections through our Trade Facilitation/Business Networking services. Tailored to help your firm discover local business partners, we specialize in creating strate...

Business Valuation

Determine the fair market value of the business or factory. Consider both tangible and intangible assets, as well as potential future earnings. Our team employs robust methodologies to determine the fair market value of businesses...

Financial Analysis

Plan for the integration of the acquired business or factory. Develop strategies for combining processes, teams, and systems for a seamless transition

Capital Market Related Advisory

CompanyDataBD specializes in capital market advisory, providing tailored guidance on investment strategies and market trends. Our expert team ensures that both seasoned investors and newcomers make informed dec...


Ensure legal compliance and navigate regulatory landscapes seamlessly with CompanyDataBD's expert services

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Navigating the legal landscape is complex. We assist clients in adhering to regulatory requirements, drafting contracts, and ensuring that transactions are legally sound.

Contracts & Agreements

Review all existing contracts and agreements, including leases, supplier contracts, and customer agreements. Ensure they are transferable and favorable.

Legal Structure Review

Understand the legal structure of the business and ensure compliance with relevant regulations. Verify licenses, permits, and zoning requirements

Market & Industry Analysis

Analyze the market and Industry trends. Understand the competitive landscape, potential growth opportunities, and challenges in the sector

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CompanyDataBD is dedicated to empowering you with the knowledge and tools needed to make informed decisions. We prioritize your financial wellness, ensuring you have the confidence to navigate your financial landscape with clarity and assurance.
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